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Fluoride Intro for Schools and Families


One of my children was given fluoride varnish yesterday against my wishes. I wanted to share my correspondence with the school in case anyone else is moved to educate the directors of their child’s school. I am hopeful that the school will no longer offer varnishing as a result of the education provided. This isn’t a “service” any school should offer, in my opinion. So, although unfortunate that my child suffered an exposure, I hope at least something positive is going to come of it for all the children.

Xxxxx, thank you for your time and concern yesterday afternoon in the matter that the Health Department orally administered fluoride varnish to Xxxxx without my consent. I am even further appalled that she told them that her mom would not like this and she was sure I didn’t sign up for it and they continued to proceed. As a nurse, I cannot even believe that this did not throw a red flag to those administering the varnish. Actually, I’m sure it did…apparently they just feel the laws of the state of Xxxxxx don’t apply to them. Absolutely unacceptable on any terms at any time. I will be following up with the Health Department to discuss the incompetency of their staff, unsafe administration of medical products with potential serious side effects and complete disregard of the form I signed NOT consenting in the fall. I did not give consent today either. Why would I want the second dose if I didn’t want the first? I would never give consent for such a toxic substance to be placed in my child’s mouth, especially not one that accumulates in tissue and has been correlated with negative consequences in the body. Thank you for your assistance in helping me determine who I need to be following up with regarding health department staff education on proper procedure in assuring parental consent is obtained prior to administration of a medical intervention or procedure on a minor. I am including a few resources to follow. There are plenty…this just represents a small fraction of resources available on the health concerns of fluoride exposure.  Continue reading “Fluoride Intro for Schools and Families”