My personal journey towards empowering our family with true health began around 2010 when my middle child fell very ill and remained ill for over a year. This experience drove me from the conventional medical setting into the world of holistic medicine, which has proven to be an invaluable tool in raising my daughter with special health care needs. I have never turned back. You can read my personal story here.

When I reserved this url, it was holding space for the website for my new practice. Things have gone in a different direction for the time being, and that’s perfectly beautiful because all is in divine timing if you’re paying attention. Anyhow, this site for now is likely to be a reflection of my own personal journey, as well as other anonymous mothers walking in similar shoes who just need a space to let it all out with no judgement…

If it resonates with you, hang around for the good stuff to comeΒ πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—