The Power of Intuition

I rarely share about my daughter’s journey publicly but, this one. This one right here. I bring you…drum roll please…a message from the girl who “will never walk without surgery” according to a world-renowned pediatric podiatrist as well as a world-renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Never give up hope…if your heart tells you to follow a path, follow it. If God, the Universe, Buddha, whatever spiritual force you like to call the Creator Of All That Is places something in your heart, your mind, your knowing…listen whilst ignoring the words of man (yes, even the “experts”) even if your confidence shakes. If something feels “not right”, it’s not. Listen to that voice. I have heard a brilliant woman, Sonia ODonnell McGowin say, “Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.” My voice is no longer shaking. So many times for a few years I said, “I know she will walk. I know it,” while my voice was shaking. My human mind had a hard time believing it, but my spiritual self knew it to be so. I knew people thought I had unrealistic beliefs relative to my child. But, I also knew my truth…deep inside, even when I questioned the words coming from my own mouth at times. There are no coincidences. My baby has had so many earth angels walk into her life and they have all played a role in her standing (literally, she stands now 💗) where she stands today. My baby is learning to run now…and we never did surgery. You can say The Universe is Amazing. You can say God is Good. You can call it whatever you want…it’s true. It’s all the same, just different words. And, I am blessed. This has been an incredibly rewarding and challenging journey, but this chapter of hurdles is on the verge of closing.
Standing ✔️
Walking ✔️
Dancing ✔️
Running, skipping and jumping straight ahead!!

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